In the previous years I’ve come to realize that equestrian sports have taught me more about life than any standard education ever has. And actually it is my riding instructor who, probably unknowingly, has given me the best piece of advice about life in general. Dear reader, if you’ve ever had some decent riding lessons then you probably have heard something along the lines of “sit back and keep the horse in front of you”. These words (hopefully) at some point translated to a certain feeling – you’re sitting straight, controlling motion and momentum with your whole body and it seems that you’re just a tiny little bit behind all the motion, flow, right behind the powerhouse, sitting upright in your position and everything is happening on its own, with grace and ease and most importantly – in perfect balance. The aim in dressage is, after all, to achieve lightness and balance and, quite amazingly, this idea can be related to everyday life. In every competition that I’ve took part in, my only goal was to achieve this feeling and the only way to achieve it is by ensuring a steady continuity. Just like in all the situations in life – never let the huge workload, stress, sense of responsibility and obligation, fear and insecurity overwhelm you and instead try to walk your path, holding on tightly to continuity – devote your time and energy to one step at a time and keep in mind the next. Hold back just a tiny little bit and keep life in front of you, in balance. It is so easy to lose control and be sucked into the whirlpool of life and the only escape is to keep your stance and lead the fiery, effervescent, stressful life with a steady, light hand and harness it only so much as to achieve your goals but at the same time let it be. The image of this blogpost won’t mean much to the non-equestrian people, but to me it symbolizes a whole concept of life – a balanced, harmonious, calm, deliberate but at the same time a rich, successful and therefore – an intensely beautiful and happy life experience. In conclusion, the morale of the story is as follows – don’t try to rush ahead life, lead it along your path with a light hand and “sit back” just a little bit to keep things in balance. Cheers! :)